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Online writing center work has allowed many of us the opportunity to rethink or reconsider traditional theories, practices, technologies, and methods. We invite you to share your ideas, reflections, research, experiences, and frustrations with a larger audience.

Possible Topics

Topics submitted should be relevant to those in OWC work. Examples include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Effective practices for OWC consulting/tutoring, training, recruitment, or administration
  • Results of OWC research projects
  • Reflections on personal OWC experience or lessons learned
  • Theoretical frameworks for OWC work
  • Descriptions of training programs, innovations, or materials
  • Tips for proposing or arguing for an OWC
  • Critiques of common OWC arguments/assumptions
  • New ways of analyzing or doing OWC work
  • Calls for OWC action/research
  • OWC technology recommendations or critiques
  • Scholarship critiques


We have two rolling deadlines:

  • Spring deadline: June 30
  • Fall deadline: December 31

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions in the formats mentioned below, with accessibility in mind. If you’d like to submit in a different kind of format, please contact us to ensure it can be made accessible. Please send all documents, including any multimedia and transcripts, to

Text-based Submissions

Text-based submissions will be available in HTML and can include images or figures with textual descriptions. Text-based submissions should be

  • 2000-5000 words
  • 6th edition APA style

Multimedia Submissions

Multimedia submissions can be formatted as video recordings, podcasts, or other audio recordings, with a 30-minute time limit.

All multimedia submissions should include a written transcript for accessibility. Multimedia submissions and transcripts are not subject to APA style guidelines and should instead focus on clarity.

Last Updated: August 11, 2019