Submit a Conference Presentation

Much of our scholarship happens at conferences, but our audiences are limited by place and time. Those who can’t attend conferences also miss out on a lot of our scholarship. If you’ve presented on online writing center work, you can submit your presentation materials for our scholarship database.

By submitting, your hard work will reach a wider audience and increase your chances of being cited. You’ll also be able to link to your presentation from a resume, curriculum vitae, or portfolio.

We accept presentations on any topics related to online writing center work, including (but not limited to) discussions of your local online program, technology platforms, training, pedagogy, and theory


We aim for the content on our site to be accessible to users with disabilities, so please review the expectations below. We are happy to assist you or answer questions regarding accessibility. Contact us at

You can also view an example of accessible conference materials.

Written Transcript (required)

All submissions must include a written transcript, as PowerPoint slides alone cannot communicate all of the information from your presentation. You can submit a transcript by itself, or include it alongside a PowerPoint and/or video recording (see next sections).

While writing a transcript may be time consuming, it is a practice that benefits all attendees during your presentation and can later become a publication or writing sample.

PowerPoint Slides (optional)

If your presentation included a PowerPoint, you are welcome to submit your slides. Please submit the original PowerPoint file (not a PDF), so that we can double-check that your slides are accessible to assistive technologies. You should also paste your transcript into the “Notes” sections below each slide.

Video Recording (optional)

You are also welcome to submit a video recording of your talk. When recording, keep the following in mind:

  • Read directly from your transcript. We will use your transcript to create closed captions for your video. You’re welcome to send your transcript for feedback before recording.
  • Verbally describe any images, figures, or tables that appear in your video, to benefit visually impaired users.

We suggest recording your slideshow using PowerPoint’s built-in recorder, under the “Slideshow” tab. PowerPoint’s features allow you to pause and re-record audio for individual slides, as well as re-organize slides/audio after recording. After you’ve finished your full recording, go to “Save As” and select the .mp4 extension.

For presentations under 15 minutes, we also suggest Screencast-O-Matic, which has easy features for pausing and re-recording. After recording, save your video as an .mp4 file.


We will need time for accessibility checks on our end, so we have two deadlines for submission of conference materials:

  • Spring deadline: June 30
  • Fall deadline: December 31


Email all materials to, along with the following information:

  • Title of presentation
  • Presenter names
  • Year of presentation
  • Title of conference
  • Location of conference (institution, city, state)
  • Keywords for main concepts discussed
  • Abstract