Mentoring for Online Writing Support

The OWC Community is piloting a mentoring program, to assist writing centers who need mentoring on designing online support services and/or moving their operations online due to the Coronavirus. Mentoring is also available to state and regional writing center associations who are looking to offer virtual participation in their conference events.

Mentors and mentees will be connected via email and can continue their conversation through any methods/technologies that work best for both parties. View our list of current mentors on our “About” page.

Request a Mentor

To request a mentor, please email the following information to

  • Your institution/association and the populations you will be working with online (high school students, undergraduates, returning adults, etc.)
  • What kind of guidance are you looking for? What is your goal or hope for mentoring?
  • What kind of online services are you researching or considering?
  • What technologies are available through your center or larger institution/association?

Become a Mentor

If you’d like to mentor other writing center professionals on offering online services or virtual events, please complete the form below. We welcome anyone with relevant experience to apply, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate tutors; graduate assistant administrators; and those who are not currently employed in writing centers.