Program Profiles

Because institutional and program context are so important to the types of writing center support each of our centers provides, we invite you to share your unique institutional and OWC contexts as a program profile. This submission category includes two parts: cover page and profile narrative.

Cover Page

Please include the following information on the cover page:

  • Institution Name
  • Institution Type
  • Location
  • OWC context within the institution
  • OWC website
  • Number of Writing Center staff
  • Types of OWC support offered
  • Your Name/Title/Contact Information
  • Name of Writing Center Director or Lead/Title/Contact Information

Narrative Guiding Questions

The narrative should address some or all of the guiding questions below:

  • How would you describe your institution and the student population(s) you serve?
  • How/where is your OWC situated within your institution?
  • What kinds of support (financial and otherwise) does your institution provide your OWC?
  • What types of services does your OWC currently offer?
  • What barriers or challenges have you faced in developing, maintaining, or growing your OWC?
  • What current training does your OWC offer staff engaged in online writing center support?
  • What institutional barriers has your OWC faced? If applicable, how have you overcome these barriers?

As part of your narrative response, we encourage you to attach any relevant supplemental documentation (e.g. training manuals, checklists, websites) that you are comfortable sharing with others.


Send your cover page and program narrative, including any attachments, to Length of submission should be 750-1500 words.

Last Updated: September 17, 2018